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Hello and Welcome to Book Speaks!!

Book Speaks is a platform for readers to find their next favorite book because there are so many books to reads and limited time, you just can’t waste it. So before you pick your next book let the book speak.

It is also a platform for Authors (both traditional & Indie) and Promoters to promote their books. (Kindly read Our review policy before you submit your book for submit your book.)

We at Book Speaks believe in honesty and put the same in our reviews. We do not post reviews of books we do not like because we do not want to spread negativity; hence we review books we like.

We hope you’ll enjoy browsing around and please do leave your comments –we love hearing what other readers have to say. We also invite recommendations from our readers so feel free to share with us your favorite book.

Finally don’t judge a book by its cover let the book speak.

Happy Reading!!


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