Our Review Policy

We are currently accepting books for reviews.

Kindly read our review policy before considering us for book reviews.

We are accepting books for reviews now for following genres. We are accepting physical books, ebooks and audio books for reviews. Please do not send PDF versions for review.










Chick Lit



Historical Fiction


Young Adults

Children’s books

We at Book Speaks also promote Poetry and Classic literature; hence we are currently accepting books in these genres as well.

We do not accept books for following genres: Spiritual, Horror, Paranormal books, Erotica, Science Fiction, Philosophy, Religion, Cookbooks etc.

We will do our best to review any book that we agree to receive although we won’t guarantee a glowing review of every book we read. We are all about honesty but also value thoughtfulness. Unsolicited mailings will be evaluated on a case by case basis for review. We don’t over-schedule our reading because we want to enjoy books so we should almost always be able to post reviews in the requested timeframe. Most of our reviews are also posted on other platforms like Goodreads, Facebook, and twitter.

If you would like us to consider your books, please submit your request at info@bookspeaks.com   (info AT bookspeaks DOT com)

Thanks to all the Authors and Promoters for their efforts.


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